CCS, Inc.

Established January 19, 2007, Controller Consulting Services, Inc. provides client support within a variety of industries such as, but not limited to, independent mortgage bankers and venture backed companies. CCS, Inc. offers their clients a solid foundation rooted in an extensive track record of successful results.

Our services focus on assisting clients in establishing themselves as, transitioning them into, and maintaining their status as approved GNMA and FNMA seller servicers. We manage our clients from start to finish with a complete project management approach. CCS orchestrates the process and provides the training that consistently produces success stories. We have a track record of getting our clients to first pool delivery within 90 days of contracted engagement.

Our experienced personnel train and educate our clients’ staff to perform mortgage loan securitization deliveries. We assist our clients with initial Ginnie Net training, setup, monthly support on mortgage loan deliveries, maintaining GMEP Reporting Feedback Systems, and portfolio reconciliations. In addition, CCS supports our clients in the mortgage servicing area with recruiting, training, and a management oversight control plan on sub-servicers.

Apart from loan delivery, CCS provides financial accounting to: prepare financial reports and key performance indicators; manage cash flow, equity, and debt financing transactions; and leverage strategic relationships.

Controller Consulting Services, Inc. provides a personal concierge approach in navigating the impersonal world of finance, producing results that meet and often exceed industry standards. 

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CCS, Inc.