ConCierged Financial Solutions
Mortgage Loans Securitization:
  • Overview for mortgage loan pools securitization
  • Training of staff in GNMA mortgage loan delivery
  • Initial certification, pools settlements, and final certification of mortgage loan pools
  • Assist in GNMA, FNMA, and FHLMC applications submissions with complete delivery readiness
  • Develop mortgage servicing plan - interim, sub servicing, and complete servicing
  • Provide mortgage servicing oversight and recruit appropriate staffing 
GSE Applications:
  • Assist independent mortgage bankers to submit successfully to FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA applications
  • Provide assistance in meeting GSE applications and current challenges
Secondary Marketing:
  • Conversion from "Best Effort" to "Mandatory / Hedging" in Secondary Marketing execution
  • Assist in hedging partner selections, strategic broker dealer, and  correspondent investors relationships 
Mergers and Acquisitions:
  • Preparing clients for a merger or acquisition in securing optimal strategic positioning consequent to sale
Financial Reporting:
  • Interim CFO or Corporate Controller services
  • Monthly preparation and review of corporate financial package and branch reporting
  • Provide assistance in MBFRF reporting format
  • Develop strategic business plan and fund raising transactions
  • Prepare KPI statistics, breakeven analysis, and treasury management 
QC Guru:
  • Assist clients in meeting QC processes required by GSE Application
  • Completely bring the process to table for in house readiness in Pre Funding QC, analysis, trending, and vendor management on your outsource post closing QC vendor

Specialized Services We Offer

Specialized in recruiting for Mortgage Servicing Industry:
  • Assist clients in recruiting for Mortgage Servicing Manager for GSE requirements
  • ​Assist in targeted specialized recruiting in underwriters for mortgage bankers

CCS, Inc.

  • Assist in warehouse lending best practices and selections
  • Conduct servicing oversight on client’s  sub servicer with  on site review